One Sunday morning...

Hello everyone! 

Thanks for stopping by again. Remember how last time I said I might dive deeply in my next blog? Well, that's gonna happen very shortly, Here we go!

A few weeks ago, at church one Sunday morning, my mind wandered somewhere completely different than where the pastor was leading (you know what I'm talking about). I think that it's ok sometimes, because maybe God has something different He wants to share with us. So I'm going to share with you some of my notes from the inner workings of my mind that Sunday morning. Basically, I'm gonna share with you the attempt of my heart and mind to wrap my head around this issue. I invite you to dig little deeper with me, and to start discussion with those around you on this subject. I hope this maybe helps you articulate some your own thoughts, or helps you broaden your perspective.

How do we read the Old Testament in light of the New Testament? We see God's depth of love and grace - even in the disobedience of Israel. We see Jesus' depth of forgiveness and sacrifice - even in the denial of his people. We see the Holy Spirit's power and direction - even in the ignorance of our hearts.  

We love because He loves us first. So when we receive his love and commit our lives to the glorification of God, our lives should be fashioned after JESUS: Deeply loving, deeply sacrificing-living a way that pleases the Father. What does this mean for the commandments, for all the legalistic views?  

Jesus did what pleased the Lord, and broke the bonds those 600 laws had on the people of Isreal, giving them a holy freedom. The 10 commandments are all that we need. They can apply to everything. And for when they don't, we rely on the Holy Spirit for direction and guidance. Jesus gives commands too, to protect us. But. How do we keep our eyes open to be aware of any legalism that creeps in?  

If what you do could cause you or others to stumble, rethink your actions and pray.

Hope this is something to deepen your thought process. 

Love and blessings,