Hello from Ontario! ("Long story short...")

So. Some pretty big things this entry. When I first heard that we would be moving to Ontario for Franco’s work, I was heartbroken. For some reason my brain didn’t register that option. While I love to travel, I’ve only ever lived an hour and a half away from home. Franco and I would be married and going together so that was good, but all my friends and family would still be in Calgary. All the change was overwhelming to think about and a rather emotional day. 

June 1st, 2019: The first big “new”. Franco and I got married (woot!) and set off on our new adventure together (pictures to come, hold tight). 3 weeks of learning so much more about each other it’s actually amazing. I’ve fallen more in love with Franco than I ever felt even while knowing the huge move was coming up. There were a few days where the thought of leaving my friends and family would bring me to tears. Even after 3 full months of processing the change, my mind was still going through the emotions that come with that - I suspect that has to do with planning a wedding because that’s a major emotional/mental/physical distraction. But I came to resolutions and set some goals with my nearest and dearest that then allowed my mind to get excited about what’s to come. 

June 21, 2019: We arrived home from our honeymoon and immediately packed up our lives. 

June 23, 2019: The big move. We started our trek across Canada. Long driving days. Fast food and gas stations. Car trouble and cramped legs. You get the picture. And sadness! Crazy sadness. But, by God’s grace, we made it. It was nearly midnight when we arrived, but something was stirring in my heart. Energy? Excitement? Joy? I was too tired to tell. The next morning, myself and our moving crew began to explore this little bayside town called “Parry Sound”. And I fell in love all over again. It’s only been a few days here but I can feel something deep in my Spirit that is right and good. I am so excited to get to know this place and get to know the people. This place has not only recharged my emotional batteries, but it’s also recharging my creative and spiritual batteries (I’m gonna need a lot of sleep before my physical batteries are charged but hey, 3 out of 4 ain’t bad). The Lord knew. He knew this is where we need to be. And we’re very excited. 

Thank you everyone for you prayers and you love and your support. To all my friends and family in Western Canada and beyond, we have a pullout couch and we’re so excited for you to visit us! Love to you all <3 

Emily Du Preez 

PS. My music will still be under my maiden name (I have one of those now - eeeeeep!) when you wanna find my music! Also, stay tuned, because like I said the creativity is flowin’!