Ok, God is so incredibly good. There have been so many answers to prayer this week - let me share some of them with you! 

Firstly let me say that all this came out of a humbled place. I was asked to lead worship at church on Sunday (a very simple morning as most summer services are). I said I would, though if we’re honest I haven’t really felt that close with Jesus for probably a few months now. But even in my complacent state I knew that worship is one of those things that can kickstart my spiritual growth journey again. I am so thankful I did. The music went well, but that’s actually not what kickstarted me this time. My guy and I were in line to partake in communion and this lovely lady came up to me. “What a beautiful job you did this morning,” she said, her piercingly beautiful eye looking straight through me, “You are such a beautiful soul.” And she walked away. I felt so…two-faced, just because I knew how complacent and apathetic I was feeling. After the service was done, I went up to her and asked if she’d pray with me. I felt so subpar in my relationship with Jesus, and I thought asking God for more diligence and asking to hear him more would solve my floating state. 

Ok, this is where things get interesting. 

This lovely woman listened to me through my blubbering (I cry quite frequently when it comes to Jesus - for good reasons usually). After I was done, she began to speak life and encouragement to me. She reminded me that I don’t have to “do” anything to receive the love of Jesus, that He sees the beautiful flower garden that he made me to be even if all I can see are the weeds. Then she began to pray. Keep in mind, folks, that I don’t know this woman, and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know me. But the prayer she prayed was exactly what I needed-and I didn’t even know it! She prayed that my creativity would be opened up, that God would pour into me creatively in a way that I just overflow, and that the dreams I have for my life that I might not even know about would be brought to life and the necessary doors would open. WHAT. My world was rocked. 

That afternoon I had a wedding rehearsal, and when I got home and was settling for bed I could “hear”, for the first time in a long time, the LORD speaking to my heart - poking and nudging me with old and new dreams like only God can. To quote the youths, I was SHOOOK.  He opened my eyes to see the possibilities of my dreams and aspirations. I could not contain my thoughts so I messaged my guy. His encouragement on top of all that Jesus was teaching me just sent me into a gratitude spiral (I cried for about 20 mins). So so many other amazing prayers have been answered this week, and I owe it all to Jesus. His timing, my surrender, His uplifting and empowering. There’s nothing better, trust me. I’m learning more and more about Jesus every day, but Jesus already knows me. And He knows you. He sees your flowers even if you only see weeds, and where you see failure he sees potential. He loves you and has given you your dreams for a reason. Pursue them with His strength, His wisdom, His love. That’s the best way to go. 

Anywho, I hope that encourages y’all. I fell pretty encouraged right now (if you couldn’t tell). Thanks for reading! Chat soon! 

Love and blessings,