Jeepers, has it been long enough? (My bad).

Ok sooo I know I said I would write less than seven months apart…it’s June now, and I last wrote in September. It’s been 9 months. My bad, haha! Let me fill you in on these past few months:  

Still teaching piano (also I started teaching voice…wut), so that’s been some much needed routine to my life. I’m thankful for that, and I’m starting to realize the importance of being smart with what I choose to spend money on. So having some source of income is good, even if it’s less than half of the hours most people work (lucky me, eh?). I’ve done a few gigs, which is awesome and I love it. I’m in the midst of practicing for 2 different weddings this summer, one of which is for a now-close friend of mine. With this season and the sunshine comes busking as well, so I’ll be playing around Calgary and area a few times too (I need a goal (#artist), so let’s go with 4 busking sessions this summer). I’ve been in a lull for a few weeks now, no real creative moments so the writing’s been slow. I know a ton of profs who have cultivated a habit of creativity (it’s a “muscle” that needs work just like anything else) but I find it so hard! Isn’t it crazy the giftings we have still need work, still need to be used, not just received? Huh. That’s cool. I've also started to realize the importance and value of taking care of my body and mind by (begrudgingly) developing an excursive routine (actually it's pretty entertaining - it's Aerobics, soo its basically dancing, and I love dancing). That's been both challenging and life-giving. Who knew that fitness could be so, well, fun? 

Currently living the long-distance life. My guy is studying in Drumheller, and I’m in Calgs - I know, it’s not a crazy huge distance, but any distance is huge when you’re longing to spend every waking moment with someone. I find the times I’m not cooking or teaching (Or binging Netfilx) I’m thinking about him and what he’s up to, what he’s learning. And whenever he comes to town, we manage to spend more hours than we thought possible with each other (at the cost of less sleep and ridiculous driving hours). Phone calls and FaceTime get us through the week, and though they aren’t the same as in person, you’ll often hear me say “It’s what we have right now”. It’s amazing how thoughtful he is: no matter what kind of day he’s had or how long his day has been or how much sleep he got that night, he’ll do his very best to make time in his day for us, for our relationship. It’s incredible the sacrifices we make for those we love. But, it’s also incredible how much we put the other first, with our time and support. When two people make sacrifices for their “other” AND put their “other” before themselves, something beautiful happens. Trust me. (Ok, this was a lot of deep, romantic talk - and relationships do involve that - but it’s also incredibly fun and silly and chill…intentional and committal, but chill).  

What has Jesus been teaching me? Hmm. Well if I’m honest I’ve been doing most of the talking in that relationship, not so much listening. Maybe that’s it. I need to learn to be still and silent in order to hear that ever-sweet small voice. What I have seen, regardless of my listening abilities, are the blessings and opportunities He’s been giving to me and those around me: quality time and memory-making with those I love, worship leading and musical outlets, beautiful and exciting bonds with my music students. He’s helping me be brave, teaching my to trust - the things I need more and more of everyday. If this is what I’m picking up on, I wonder what glorious things I’ve been missing…Thank the Lord for grace and second chances.  

That’s a pretty good summary of these past 9 months (exciting and life-changing, I’m sure). Maybe next time I’ll write within 9 months…no guarantees though.  

Love and blessings,  


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